About us

Stockport Economic Alliance comprises senior representatives of Stockport’s major employers, who meet regularly to understand and act upon issues within the local economy.

The work of Stockport Economic Alliance benefits significantly from senior members of the local business community being willing to share their experiences and ideas about operating a business in the borough.

Experience has shown the work of the Alliance is crucial to developing Stockport for the benefit of businesses and residents alike.  Even small contributions by members can have a long-lasting impact for many.

There are many opportunities for members of the Alliance to get involved and to contribute through some of the following key areas of our work.  Opportunities include:

  •  Contribute to the development and implementation of the new Economic Plan for Stockport. The Economic Plan will form part of the One Stockport Borough Plan and aims to grow, create and deliver a thriving future for Stockport. The Plan will help frame and support economic growth to 2030.
  • Respond to consultation on issues that will enable the vision for Stockport’s economy to become a reality, through the implementation of ideas and innovative approaches. Recent discussions have centred on topics such as the Stockport’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic, investment and development plans for the town centre, Stockport’s response to the climate emergency, funding bids to support regeneration, town centre activity and promotion and support for  local recruitment and training initiatives.
  • Support activity that relates to specific knowledge, expertise or interest. An example may be providing placements for apprenticeship opportunities, supporting and responding to the climate change agenda, mentoring business start-ups, or championing the Good Employment Charter.
  • Represent the Alliance at events or participating in working groups that come together to drive forward the implementation of various major projects. This provides the ideal opportunity for those with a specialist knowledge or interest in a particular sector (eg digital) to become more involved in a specific part of the Plan.


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