Our Strategy

‘Harnessing Stockport’s opportunity for growth to create a distinctive and thriving economy and secure shared prosperity for all residents’

Back in August 2021, Stockport Council and the Economic Alliance jointly committed to developing a new Economic Plan for Stockport. Bringing together robust, measurable data, alongside invaluable insight from our communities, businesses and public services, the Plan ensures that the lived experiences of residents and businesses have been captured and hopefully reflected within the Plan.

For Stockport’s economy to grow and thrive, the robust and measurable actions outlined in our Economic Plan need to be delivered. Our mission for Stockport’s Economic Plan is to grow Stockport’s local economy to create and support successful businesses that are stronger, resilient and productive which generate quality jobs which are better paid, sustainable and accessible for the benefit of all our residents.

Our Plan doesn’t work in isolation. Along with other important partnership work across Stockport, the Economic Plan, Stockport Atlas (evidence base) and our One Stockport Borough Plan are working together to bring Stockport to the forefront of the region.

The vision and mission will be delivered through the following four priories:

Stockport Economic Alliance pledges to provide strong joint governance and oversight of the Economic Plan. We will support the delivery of the actions by scrutinising and monitoring progress in our regular meetings, while also ensuring the Economic Plan remains agile to meet the needs of local businesses in response to changes in the economy. We also pledge to provide mentoring and coaching from senior business leaders in the Alliance, to support new start-up and young businesses using Stockport’s innovation and Studios centres.

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